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    June 8, 2018
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Company Profile: The Heritage School (THS)


The Heritage School (THS) is an experiential learning school focused on deeper, authentic and inter-disciplinary learning. Based out of the National Capital Region of New Delhi, has over 6200+ students and 650+ teachers across its 3 campuses. Although THS is just 13 years young, it is consistently been ranked among top 10 day-boarding schools in India. Known for its progressive pedagogy and community bound curriculum, THS is also one of the few inclusive schools in India with a well-integrated special needs program.

Although THS offers 3 curriculums (National Board, IGCSE and IBDP), it attempts to be curriculum agnostic through its own organically developed curriculum that stretches the boundaries of prescribed national and international curriculums.

Being an experiential Learning School, the 3 R we emphasize on are: Relationships, Relevance & Rigor (in the same order). We are deeply inspired and committed to the philosophies of Kurt Han, Vygotsky, Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, J Krishnamurthy etc. Our curriculum has been designed and curated organically over the years and they are some of these core learning principles – for our Students, Parents and Teachers.

Our learning principles include: Children Learn by Doing Connected to the real world through community bound projects Content is an excuse to build to Craftsmanship, Culture and Character Productive and Creative work as medium of teaching and learning Children as active partners in learning Real freedom, empowerment and citizenship through classroom pedagogy and corridor culture Children learn from each other.

Power of Crew Work Learning about life through life Integrated and whole-child development Parents/Community as partners The Heritage School has a vibrant teaching community representing various cultures across the country.


Job Description:-

  • Operations and Future Development of the Fine Arts Department
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leading and managing team members
  • Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources
  • Strengthening Community
  • Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

The Head of Department is responsible for: 

  • Leading and managing the department including, modeling best practice in Fine Arts teaching, implementation of curriculum (Grade 6-12), monitoring achievement of students and effectiveness of teachers, dealing with all operational, budgeting and record keeping requirements and ensuring fair and effective assessment procedures.
  • Ensuring continuous innovation in processes involved in Fine Arts learning and teaching. Providing opportunities for enrichment for gifted students and work towards differentiating the curriculum needs for students
  • Encouraging the use of ICT in all appropriate areas of Fine Arts learning
  • Actively work with members of the Fine Arts department in planning the way forward for the professional learning needs of the faculty.
  • Attending and contributing to Curriculum Team meetings on behalf of the faculty.
  • Hold regular faculty meetings with published/agreed/strategic agendas with subject teachers. Minutes of the meetings should be recorded.
  • Other duties as required by the Principal/Academic Head